Apply for a Grant

How to Apply

Use the electronic application form you will find here. You can begin and leave this during your application process without the worry of losing any information and at the top of the form you will see exactly where you are in the whole process. Please note: this is a new system launched in December 2016. If you are applying for funding on the new system and haven’t done so before, please register first.

We will be looking to grant funds that will support health, care and wellbeing for all the people of Cornwall from the charitable sector. We do not support CIC’s.

Health charities (general e.g. NHS Trusts)

Health charities (specific e.g. the elderly, the young, homecare, bereavement)

Health action groups (e.g. mental health, transportation – lobbying)

Sports for health (e.g. the disabled, disadvantaged)

Health services (e.g. blood transfusion delivery, specialist transport)

Health equipment (e.g. defibrillators, specialist sports equipment)

Health research (e.g. local university, HE, FE projects)*

Health information and communications (e.g. websites, directories)*

Social Projects (to help provide quality care in the community)

*Charitable status is not mandatory but there should be special circumstances attached to grant requests from these areas. We tend not to provide funds for salaries and rarely give grants for more than one project to each grantor.


Applicants should provide

A business plan, if possible, including details of relationships with any other funding partners,up-to-date accounts prepared in accordance with the Charity Commission’s requirements and we prefer to receive applications online.

Trustees are the only people who will view your application because it is held on a password entry part of this webiste whch is why we ask for this to be on-line.

If necessary the form can be printed out and sent to the address on the next column.

We hope that applicants have found all the necessary information here but any further queries may be addressed to:

Mark Williams, Secretary
The Duchy Health Charity
Peat House
Newham Road
Truro TR1 2DP
Telephone 01872 276116

Grant offers made by this Charity may be subject to certain conditions such as raising the balance of any required funding. Payment of a grant for capital projects will usually only be made on receipt of evidence that the expenditure has been incurred. Grants to meet revenue costs will be paid by instalments spread over the period of the relevant project. Grants not claimed within twelve months of an offer being made may be withdrawn.

Please note that we do not, as a matter of principal, support requests for the funding of salaries or expenses.